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Frequently Asked Questions and More Information

About the Studio

Beautiful studio dedicated 100% to boudoir, located in the Historic Benton Park Neighborhood. The studio has character filled 100+ year old natural wood floors, amazing natural light, an ornate princess bed with your choice of duvet color/style, historic windows, velvet chairs and chaise lounges, chandeliers and fireplaces, a mid century modern styled set complete with vintage bourbon and Playboy magazines, and a selection of vintage clothing and accessories for you to choose from complete the sets. Basically, we are stocked full of luxury, glamour, and cool, with a little something to suit everyone's taste.

What to Wear

Whatever you feel sexy in! Everyone's definition of sexy is different, and this is the place to let your personality shine. When selecting outfits, be sure to consider options that are you feel the most comfortable and fabulous in, what makes you feel sexy and empowered, and what turns your partner on (if this session is a gift for someone). I have a great and ever expanding studio wardrobe collection for you to borrow from as well. It includes steel boned corsets, lace robes in a rainbow of colors, shoes, vintage items, necklaces and more. I also have some great inspiration over on my XOXO Alice Pinterest Boards.

A Note on Bras

In real life, I say wear what you love and what makes you feel most comfortable. For photo shoots make sure your bra (and other clothing) is properly sized. Also, consider underwires and push-up bras, as those are generally the best way to flatter the ladies in a photograph.

Keeping Up Appearances

This is the one time you want to make sure to pay attention to all the details. IF you are going to spray tan (which is in no way required, I always say "pale is pretty"), please do so 1 week before your session. Also please be sure to have someone hand spray you and not use a booth. Your fingers and toes will be featured in many of the photographs, so be sure to have a mani/pedi. And, of course, don't forget to wax (ouch!) or pay attention to your preferred personal grooming :D I also recommend that if you wax, please do so 1 week before the session, so that any irritation has time to calm down.

Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup is included in all of my boudoir sessions. I am honored to work with some of the best professionals in town. Not only do they make you look simply fabulous, but it is fun being pampered. You can even sip on some champagne or a latte while getting made up.

Number of Outfits

I suggest bringing 6-7 outfits or more. Pull some items from your closet AND have fun shopping. We may not photograph every outfit (we will photograph an average of 4-6), but it is nice to have options, and we will make sure to spend time focusing on your favorites. If you are not sure what will photograph best, feel free to bring extras and I will help you narrow it down. Leave tags on the new stuff and whatever we don't use can be returned. And don't forget that we have a fabulous and glamorous in-studio wardrobe for you to borrow from!

Booking in Advance

Depending on the type of collection you purchase, and what products you are getting, you will need to book your session well in advance of whatever holiday/wedding/celebration you may be giving this gift for. Digital collections and albums can take 8-10 weeks following your session. The albums are handmade, and worth the wait! My calendar generally books up 6-8 weeks in advance, so call me a month or so before you actually want to come in for your boudoir photoshoot. Sessions take place Monday - Friday, and start at 9:30am.

The Best Way to Display Your Images

A beautiful handmade album. They come in a variety of sizes and cover options, and can have as many photographs as you would like. I also LOVE metal prints as a great way to show off boudoir images. A 16x24 metal print of a sexy detail from your session is a fabulous way to decorate your bedroom, and a daily reminder of how gorgeous you are! We also offer canvas wall art and digital collections.

Why do I Need to Pay a Deposit?

Whether I am traveling to meet you on location, or the session is here in the studio, there is a lot of preparation that goes into your photoshoot. The deposit ensures that the time space is blocked off and 100% dedicated to you, and that my make up artist is focused on you. Fees for products purchased are due at the time of ordering.

Payment Plans

We offer interest free payment plans for all of our clients, for up to 6 months. Please inquire for more details.

How many hours should I plan on spending at the studio?

I only take one client per day, so that I can focus completely on you. Sessions start at 9:30am and we are generally finished between 4:30-5:30pm. Each client's day goes a little bit differently, and you are never rushed. This day is truly all about you, and we spend as much time as we need on hair and make up and on your boudoir photoshoot. I photograph until I know we have a beautiful set of images for you to choose from. Sessions are scheduled Monday - Friday.

How do I view my images?

Viewings are scheduled for 1-2 hours after the completion of your session. While I go through the images and choose the best of the best to show you, go and enjoy lunch at one of our delicious Benton Park eateries. All clients get a gift card for lunch and can choose between sandwich shop, Mexican, bar food and pizza. Relax for a bit after your session, then meet me back at the studio to view the photographs and choose your favorites.

That information is all helpful, but I have more questions!

Please give me a call! My cell number is 808-258-9064, and I am available to chat during normal business hours, M-F. For days I am in the studio with clients, I am unable to answer my phone or return calls. My focus is 100% on you for your day. Please be patient if it takes me a day or three to get back in touch with you.