XOXO Alice STL best empowering boudoir photo studio
XOXO, Alice St Louis Boudoir Photographer
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XOXO Alice STL best empowering boudoir photo studio

Let me tell you about this fabulous human, A* She was not only lovely to have at the studio for her photoshoot, we became friends after her photoshoot and I've learned just how wonderful she is in real life. So much so that when I got foot surgery, she sent me a care package that included pads for my crutches!
For her session, we spent time photographing her in a variety of outfits and lingerie styles, including this fun lace negligee. She was photographed using the natural light of the window behind her with a reflector in front of her to add a little light back in on her face. As with all of my clients, I coached her through her posing and facial expressions, resulting in a fun and sexy boudoir photoshoot in my St. Louis studio.