Empowered boudoir photoshoots for plus sized women
XOXO, Alice St Louis Boudoir Photographer
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Empowered boudoir photoshoots for plus sized women

Our gorgeous client is wearing a strappy violet colored bra and panty set for her boudoir photoshoot. She has a number a beautifully colored tattoos on her legs and arms that pop with color against porcelain skin. She has long black hair that was curled into pretty waves by our hair and makeup artist. Our professional hair and makeup artist is available for all of our boudoir photoshoots to help our clients look and feel their best for their photoshoots. The makeup is applied with a camera ready look in mind, to enhance the client's features for their boudoir session.
We offer a completely safe and judgement free environment for clients of all body types. A* came in for her St Louis boudoir photoshoot to create a boudoir album for her husband to be. In the end, the photoshoot ended up being a gift not only to her groom but to also to herself. She spent the day celebrating her beauty and figure, and learning new ways to love herself.