silly boudoir photos of couples playful and sexy IL
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silly boudoir photos of couples playful and sexy IL

Couples boudoir is fast becoming one of my favorite genres to photograph. Although I enjoy photographing my women clients solo, it is a fun new experience when their bring their partners in for the photoshoot as well. My Saint Louis studio is perfect for a couples session. Plenty of places for one person to relax and drink some bourbon or champagne while the other client gets their hair and makeup done. We provide professional hair and makeup for all of our femme clients by the way! Then the entire studio space is used for these sessions.We have several bedroom sets, a mid century modern MCM inspired space, and several studio rooms modeled off of a French castle design. The chandeliers add a feeling of romance to the St. Louis studio, and having a bit of sparkle in the photographs is always fun.
This couple had a ton of fun for their photoshoot, including plenty of laughter alongside the sexiness. They had few problems being intimate with each other in front of the camera, and only needed a little posing coaching from me. This particular photograph features the couple laughing together during an intimate moment. Although we capture many sweet and sexy moments, we also photograph a lot of fun laughter like this.