Coachella style headband make a great accessory
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Coachella style headband make a great accessory

Gorgeous client poses for a photograph we created for an advertising campaign and feature article in St. Louis Bride Magazine. The spread was titled 'Lingerie and Jewels' and featured high end lingerie and jewelry from several local retailers, and a few clients turned models to show it all off. It was actually an incredibly fun day photographing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and lingerie with some of my favorite clients. We made sure to feature women who were related and looked like you or your best friend, someone relatable, and not just typical model looking women. Whether it is photographing paying clients, or photographing a feature for a magazine, I prefer to photograph the everyday 'average' woman. I do this because I want every woman to see themselves in my boudoir images. I want every woman to know that she is beautiful, and sexy, and worthy of a photoshoot just like this one.
B* worked the camera with her beautiful dark skin and hair, and showed off the jewelry and lingerie perfectly during our photoshoot. In combination with our other two models, they were the perfect women to show off the fancy items we were advertising in the photoshoot.