sexy redhead in luxury boudoir studio st charles county
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sexy redhead in luxury boudoir studio st charles county

Many of my clients drive an hour or more to come to my studio for the best boudoir photography in the St Louis metro area. Some things are worth the wait, and I'm proud to say my studio is worth the drive. This week I have a client coming from Columbia Missouri, which is three hours away. Boudoir in columbia Missouri is close enough to boudoir in St. Louis Missouri, and I'm so honored that clients recognize the value in what I do and are willing to come from so far away.
This client was in particular worried about not looking or feeling sexy or beautiful for her luxury photoshoot. She lost quite a bit of weight in the previous year, and felt out of place in her own body. She was worried her skin would look loose or the photographs wouldn't be flattering. I was so thrilled to prove her wrong and show her just how sexy her photographs looked, and how beautiful she is in real life. Once I showed her a few of her boudoir photos on the back of my camera, she was all in! She couldn't believe how wonderful she looked and felt, simply by being shown a few unretouched photographs on the back of my camera. There is a wonderful transformation that happens for women when they have their own boudoir photos taken, and I love watching that happen.