Happy woman wears purple steel boned corset for boudoir
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Happy woman wears purple steel boned corset for boudoir

What are steel boned corsets? Steel boned corsets are a type of garment designed to cinch the waist and provide support to the torso. They are typically made of strong and durable materials like cotton, silk, satin, or leather and feature steel boning for structure and support. The boning may be flat or spiral and is usually placed strategically throughout the garment to create a specific shape or silhouette.

Unlike fashion corsets, which Alecia likes to call 'corset shaped pieces of material' and are likely made with plastic boning or other less sturdy materials, steel boned corsets are designed to be functional, providing support to the wearer's back and promoting good posture. They can also be used as a part of waist training, a practice that involves gradually reducing the size of the waist through the use of a corset over a period of time.

Steel boned corsets are available in a variety of styles and designs, ranging from Victorian-inspired to more modern and edgy. Some corsets are designed to be worn as outerwear, while others are intended as underwear or lingerie. They may be fastened with laces, hooks, or zippers, and can be adjusted for a custom fit.

It's important to note that steel boned corsets can be uncomfortable to wear, especially when first starting out with waist training. They can also restrict breathing and movement, and should be worn with caution. It's recommended to consult with a professional corsetier or medical professional before beginning waist training or wearing a steel boned corset for extended periods of time.

At XOXO Alice boudoir photography studio, we have 25 steel boned corsets in our studio wardrobe collection, and they are adjustable to fit sizes 00-32. They are in a variety of colors and patterns and styles, so there is absolutely something to suit everyone's tastes.