Fun refections in boudoir photos by XOXO Alice
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Fun refections in boudoir photos by XOXO Alice

I love this mirror SO MUCH! I have been wanting a giant, fabulous mirror with a gilded frame for my boudoir photography sessions for as long as I can remember. I was so stoked to find this beautiful mirror at a recent estate sale. I had to call in a couple of favors to get it back to the studio (I have pictures of it laying across a truck bed barreling down the highway!) but it was totally worth it. The mirror is gorgeous and allows me to get fun and creative for my portrait photography clients. It's size allows for so much variety in posing that the possibilities seem endless. It is a perfect fit for my St. Louis studio thanks to the studio's large rooms and high ceilings. The Victorian look of the mirror fits in perfectly with the rest of the furniture, which was all picked specifically for the studio. Everything is designed to look beautiful and high end for my photography clients. Women love the mirror for checking out their finished makeup after my professional hair and makeup artist finishes her work for the day, and then they love posing with the mirror. Reflections in photography are fun and allow for quite a bit of variety in sessions.

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