confident boudoir empowered sexy happy tulle skirt
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confident boudoir empowered sexy happy tulle skirt

At XOXO Alice we are body positive and provide a safe environment for our clients. There is no judgement and women are encouraged to talk about their hopes, dreams and fears while sitting in the makeup chair and sipping on champagne. We use the time clients are having their makeup done to get to know them a bit better so that we can make their photoshoot 100% custom for them. I talk to a client about what she loves about herself and what she is more self conscious about, and about what is sexy to her. All of that information helps me to create a truly one of a kind luxurious photoshoot for the women that come to my studio. Although some poses may work for most women and most body types, they may not work for different personalities. We get to know our clients so that we can make sure that all of the photographs we take during the day are a true reflection of who my client is.

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