confident boudoir empowered long hair power dark skin
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confident boudoir empowered long hair power dark skin

I love this client, and have had the honor of photographing her multiple times. This image is from her first boudoir photoshoot several years ago in my first photo studio. She came into the studio for this fashion inspired photography session with several ideas for fabulous poses that really represented exactly the style she wanted for her photos. The images were classy yet sexy, and were more about thinking what might be under the clothes, and the tease, rather than showing everything. Some boudoir sessions go fully nude and some stay quite a bit more conservative. Although this photoshoot stayed a bit more conservative in wardrobe and styling, the fierce posing added enough sexy without having to strip off all the clothes. She is wearing a black push up bra and high waisted panties in addition to a rad bone colored tailored suit jacked. The suit jacket takes what would be a normal everyday boudoir look and elevates to new levels of style. I love photographing clients that have different and new ideas at my st louis studio. My client is a beautiful strong black woman who followed up this session, which was a marriage gift for her new groom, with a maternity photography session a couple of years later. I was so thrilled to photograph both occasions for her.

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