castle studio boudoir st louis floral confident woman
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castle studio boudoir st louis floral confident woman

K was one of my first clients in our new studio space, and I was so happy to be able to photograph her in what I call the 'castle room' in the studio. I modeled the design of the room after a French Castle like Versailles, although admittedly with less real gold and jewels. My friend painted the walls to look like old castle walls, a bit of peeling plaster, and I added in some small but fun flower and still life paintings and other knick knacks to complete the look. Although K's outfit certainly adds a modern look to the room, I think the room is sexy enough to keep up with her look, and compliment it. She is wearing fun silver sparkly heels from the studio wardrobe to complete her look. This image is photographed with natural light. Her boudoir photography session was a fun exploration of the new space for me, and it was a great chance to really put the new photography studio space through its paces and try out all of the different rooms and backdrops. As I suspected, the new studio worked perfectly for a boudoir photoshoot, and K has just now been the first of many women who I have photographed in the XOXO Alice studio.

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